Charity brings to life again those who are spiritually dead.

Thomas Aquinas

“Do not deprive someone of his livelihood. This is a sinful tendency”. – Mahavira

Over 700 million Indians earn less than USD 3.10 per day. Whatever meagre amount they save is not enough to spend on adequate healthcare, education, clean drinking water, sanitation and other basic necessities. Despite several public schemes and subsidies, and India’s economic growth over the last two decades, the vast majority of its population still struggles to make ends meet and improve their life chances. Within this context, Dasra has highlighted opportunities to invest in sustainable livelihoods to lift millions out of poverty and improve other development outcomes such as health and education.

     The organization always brings new innovative techniques and apt scientific technologies with indigenous knowledge to improve the Agriculture productivity. In order to conserve natural resources and sustain traditional practices of tribal’s to provide sustainable means of livelihood to the community; TBSRF conducts analysis and planning of the local resources of community for their optimum utilization.